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The showreel was something that I was tasked with doing to show clients what kind of work that origin could offer them.

This was the first large motion graphic I have had to create, anything before this has only lasted around 5-10 seconds. I was looking forward to trying something on a larger scale. As I worked throught it I tried out a lot of different things, some worked and some didn't, but even some of the ones that worked didn't make the cut.

Throughout the process there were a lot of changes before i ended up with what I have now. One of the harder parts were the 3d phones used for the case studies. I actually got some practice using 3d objects and cameras on a side project I was working on (If you want to see this, go to the rv animation case study)


Culture Animation

A Short motion graphic for social

Compared to the showreel this motion grpahic is a lot shorter. I took a pretty different approach to this one, I wanted to keep it nice and simple yet still have unique smooth animations.

This motion graphic was being used on for Linkenin, Twitter and Facebook, each had different dimensions but I just put the 1920 x 1080 version here. They all look the same except the twitter and Linkedin were more square while the Facebook was more like the one shown here.

Happy Launch Day

A card for clients on the day of launch

Happy launch day cards were created for origin to print out and send with a personalised message inside to each client when their project ie. app or website went live.

Since creating them a few have been sent out to clients and they have all really liked them, it just gives a nice touch to show the are appreciated as clients.

Abbey Insurance

No more cuddly toys...

You may have seen versions of these on some billboards or on social media, but first thing I need to say is that I didn't create the illustrations, What I did on these were the animations. This was the first experience that I had with character animation, I know this isn't the most complex character animation but I was happy with the way they turned out.

Looking back now I should have rigged the face so that I would have made it so much easier to animate but I didn't do that. I have since wanted to try some character rigging, it seemes like something that could be fun and a bit different.

Ruark Audio

Social media marketing

These Ruark videos are done for instagram stories. The first one I did on the left here was a trial video to see if Ruark wanted Origin to do social media videos for them and it seemed to work because they signed on for more to be made.

These motion graphics were a bit different than the previous videos I did, these were more showing off products and trying to get certain information across. I know there are some more of these videos coming but for the time being it has just been these two.

Danske Bank

Text conversations

Danske Bank are one of the clients I would do work for the most while on placement. These animations were quite interesting because they were the first animations that Origin did for Danske Bank, before this Danske Bank would usually outsource their aniamtions and motion graphics.

I was trying to keep these as close to actual text messages as I could while still keeping the Danske style. The text conversations and the icons below were both used for Danske Discovery which is a current account designed for 11- to 17-year-olds, just without an overdraft.

Go for it

Instagram stories

These Go For It ads were very simple concepts, The brief for them was just to use the images provided and get specific information out.

I have actually seen these ads a lot of times while on instagram, which has been really cool seeing something I created out there and if I am seeing it I am assuming a lot of other people are seeing it too.

Firmus Energy

Instagram stories

The brief for this project was basically to create a weather app, it was very wide open in terms of design freedom, so I wanted to take advantage of this.

Once I started doing some research on weather apps I found they all were very boring an consisted of the same thing so I looked into getting an idea which was more out there. Eventually I started researching the weather on the other planets of the solar system and found it was so interesting so I tried to develop that idea more.